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Often times when people find out I’m a psychic medium I hear things like, “Hey Candice, the guy who owned my car before me died inside of it and I think his Spirit’s still in there, wanna ride?   

The old woman who gave me this doll says its possessed by aliens, wanna hold it?  

I heard Old Town is haunted like crazy—wanna go there for your next TravelHost article?”

Usually I say no to any request that sounds like a line out of a horror movie—especially because as a black person, I know I’m the first one to go when stuff goes down.  All that to say when I first arrived at Ghost Tours of Old Town Albuquerque (GTOTA), I admit I was a little nervous.  That fear went away as soon as I met several of the “Ghost Hosts”, aka tour guides, who were friendly and down to earth.

Our Ghost Host for the evening was Charlie, an amazing storyteller, who guided us for an hour and a half on foot around various spots in Old Town telling the history and sightings of “Major Ghosts,” spirits who have been seen by at least three different people.   

On our tour we visited 4 of these major ghosts in addition to the High Noon Saloon which is known for its poltergeist activity.  Each ghost’s story was told in vivid and entertaining detail, which included their history and a fascinating look into the impact of the church, civil war, Wild West, and various scandals and cover-ups.  Our group also heard recordings from actual Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) allegedly of the voices of ghosts in Old Town.  Though I didn’t see any spirits there were a few places where I felt chills even though it was 80+ degrees out.   The only time I felt uncomfortable was when I stepped wrong off a curb (pro tip: the tours include a lot of walking in dim light on old sidewalks and streets so wear comfortable shoes.)

I highly recommend Ghost Tours of Old Town Albuquerque be one of your travel destinations.  This one-of-kind tour appeals to all age groups and is very rich with historical information and the chance to see and experience ghosts.  Be brave—I promise that unlike your counterparts in the horror movies, you’ll make it out alive.


By Candice Thomas, Intuitive Advisor & Psychic Medium.


Albuquerque Ghost Tours
303 Romero St. NW, Plaza Don Luis #N120
(505) 982-0092  |  W:

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25 Jul 2017

By Candice Thomas