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Sandia Peak TramwayThe Sandia Peak Tramway runs a 2.7 mile long course, making it one of the longest tram rides in the world. Since opening in 1966, Albuquerque’s most iconic attraction has taken more than 11 million passengers up over 3,000 ft. to enjoy the stunning views.

The ride offers you the opportunity to enjoy some pretty spectacular views of the surrounding desert and mountains. A summer visit is even more attractive as the drastically cooler temps at the top (vs. the brutal heat of the surrounding desert) make it a welcome summer escape! As you climb 7.2 miles from an elevation of 6,000 feet to the peak at 10,378, you will go through several different ecosystems comprised of diverse plant life. From desert scrub, to tall ponderosa pines, to beautiful aspens which glitter gold in the fall, you will basically see a bit of everything along the way.

Sandia Peak TramwayThe views at sunset are breathtaking, particularly due to the red cast over the Sandia mountains, hence the naming of the mountains “Sandia” after the Spanish term for watermelon.

Both summer and winter recreational activities at the top are plenty, with miles of hiking and mountain biking trails in the summer, and downhill skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. And during the fall, you can enjoy the mesmerizing changing color of the aspens.

Overall, a ride on the Sandia Peak tramway is one of the best ways to take in the majestic sights of the area.

By Maureen Therese,
photo by Michael McCoy, U.S. travel bloggers.  
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01 Jul 2018

By Maureen Therese