el Santuario de CHIMAYO

el Santuario de CHIMAYO

Holy Week Pilgrimage


Hundreds of thousands of people visit the Catholic church Santuario De Chimayo every year.  The most visitors come during Holy Week when over 30,000 people will make pilgrimage from all over the world to this holy site. 


There are rumors that the area where the church is located was known for healing even by Native Americans before the church was constructed.  According to many stories I read about the church’s origin, in the early 1800’s a member of the Catholic brotherhood saw a light emanating from the ground.  When he explored the source of the light he found a crucifix half buried in the dirt.  The brotherhood tried moving the cross from the location twice to different places but every time they moved it, it would vanish from the new location and mysteriously show up back in its original location.  So after getting blessings from a priest, a chapel was built right at the location of where the crucifix and healing sand were found. 


Since then there have been many stories of people being healed by El Posito, the sacred pit of sand, located in the chapel.  Some of those stories are published on the Santuario De Chimayo’s website, and include people being healed from cancer, infertility, and more. 


Located an hour and a half north of Albuquerque, the Santuario De Chimayo is made up of a few buildings and statues.  One of the most memorable experiences I had was walking through the prayer room to reach the healing sand.   Rows of crutches line the walls, given from those who claim to have had miraculous healing.  There were several people sitting in silent prayer in the chapel and more praying at El Posito, putting their hands in the dirt or scooping it up and taking it with them (you can buy a small container from the gift shop to collect your own healing dirt).  


In addition to visiting the actual chapel and El Posito, it’s worthwhile to spend time visiting the Madonna Gardens which feature beautiful statues of the Virgin Mary, Three Cultures, and more.  There’s also an area filled with thousands of pictures of people from all walks of life who are being prayed for by the church and by the thousands of visitors who see the photos and choose to pray for them.  In that space I felt the energy of faith and hope so strong that I wept.  This feeling stayed with me the entire time I toured around the site. 


Regardless of your faith, make time to visit the Santuario De Chimayo.  There is something magical about being in the energy of a place where many people gather in faith and hope. 


Candice Thomas is an intuitive advisor for entrepreneurs and professional creatives who shows her clients how to go to the next level of success in their industry by harnessing the power of their intuition.  For more details visit candicethomasintuitive.com.


El Santuario de Chimayo New Mexico

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07 Mar 2018

By Candice Thomas