The Impact of Film


Film and television production and post-production have had a multi-billion dollar impact in the state, leading to creation of over 350 vendor and service businesses and more than 25,000 jobs for New Mexico residents. The Film Business Alliance of New Mexico (FBANM) was founded in 2016 to give a voice to the individuals and businesses whose livelihoods are dependent on the industry in New Mexico.

I had a chance to meet with Joyce Smith, Executive Director for the FBANM, and Matt Rauchberg, Senior Vice President for Business Development at Albuquerque Studios to learn more about the impact the film and television industry makes and what we can all do to support continued funding by the State Legislature.


HA: Tell us more about the Film Business Alliance of New Mexico.


Matt: We are an organization of small businesses and individuals whose success and livelihoods are impacted by the film industry here in New Mexico. We give these individuals and businesses a voice to communicate clearly to the public, the legislature, the executive branch, and the press that these benefits are taking place and how the film and television industry is affecting us all here in the state.


HA: New Mexico has been offering production companies incentives related to film and television production since 2002. The purpose of the film production tax incentive is to develop and sustain New Mexico’s infrastructure, pool of trained professionals, and businesses to support the state’s film and television industry. What role does the State Legislature play in our film economy?


Joyce: The Legislature is our lifeline to our small businesses. It is vital they understand how critical this industry is to our economy right now. Our businesses have grown, and continue to grow because of Film/Television, and businesses have been created solely to accommodate the industry’s many needs. We help relay this message to the Legislature regarding how much of an impact the industry brings to the livelihood of our residents.  Through thoughtful, fiscally responsible legislation, the industry is now stronger than ever.


HA: What types of businesses are seeing the most traction in the film/TV industry?


Matt: There are mainly two different categories of businesses: ones created for the film industry and ones that have grown to include film clientele.  There have been over 300 businesses created for, and that rely solely on, the industry – such as catering, post-production, and concierge. Then there are the businesses who grew or expanded personnel for the industry – like lumber yards who now have a staff person entirely dedicated to film industry clients, or hotels that hire more people because they are filling more rooms and have higher occupancy.

Film Tourism has also grown/been impacted by the film industry. For example, even five years after the last episode of Breaking Bad, visitors are still coming to New Mexico to take tours based on the television show – so much so, that the Breaking Bad RV tour just bought a second RV this year. These businesses are growing!


HA: What can visitors and residents do to help champion this message and this industry?


Joyce: Definitely join our organization and continue to service the film industry. The happier the industry is, the more they will come back and make more films. By joining the Film Business Alliance of New Mexico, you are helping to show how many people in multiple sectors across the state it actually takes to service the film industry.


Making New Mexico Film Industry 

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07 Mar 2018

By Heather Arnold